I've created a model and programmed a simple mos-script (see code) to simulate this model multiple times for two parameters (j0 and u). The simulations results are saved in 253 .mat-files(SimResults-0.mat to SimResults-252.mat).
Now i would like to
1. get (extract) the final values of each of these files,
2. save these values in a .mat or .csv file and
3. create a 3d plot (is this possible?)
but i have no idea how to realize this! sad.gif

for i in 0:22 loop
for j in 0:10 loop
cd simresults
simulateExtendedModel("LLKReg", 0.0, 10000.0, initialNames={"u","j0"}, initialValues={i,j}, finalNames={"T2"}, resultFile="SimResults-"+String(i+j*23));        
// T2 is an unknown model variable, u and j0 some parameters
end for;
end for;

I hope you can help me smile.gif
THANX in advance saiph