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Full Version: a variable resistor problem
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i am a newbie to modelica, i have an electrical circuit and i am using a variable resistor model.
the variable resistor model work properly, but i have the following problem:

the variable resistor switch like this :
varaible_resistor.R = if VD <= 1 then Ron else Roff ;

Ron = 5.7e-3 & Roff = 200.0e6 ; with these 2 values the model the model don't work, in fact when the model should switch to Roff it switch but to a reelly different value , very low. and when i changed Roff to 2.0e5 the model work !!!!!!

i am really can't see the problem !!!!!!
need some help.


as long as your "variable resistor" looks like a switch i would suggest to use the model Modelica.Electrical.Analog.IdealClosingSwitch instead.

Looking at the implementation of that model may help you too smile.gif

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