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Modelica Forum _ Dymola _ Creating/Understand a heat exchanger

Posted by: kokole2000 Feb 14 2012, 11:36 AM

I got started in Modelica and I think I know how to create a component and a Library. Unfortunetaly, I am trying to create a heat exchanger model and it is not obvious. I can see the example of Heat Exchanger in the Fluids Library. It seems to be too complicated to be understood by a beginner. Please, does somebody have something that can help me to create step by step a heat exchanger so that I can understand the philosophy?

I use OpenModelica and Dymola demo.
Thank you.

Posted by: David Elixmann Mar 1 2012, 01:19 PM


For the simulation model you just need to make sure your model is well-posed, i.e. it has as many free variables as it has equations. To be able to use it with the other components from the Fluid library make sure to use their connector definitions. Other that that it should be trivial.

Just make sure you fully understand the mathematical model behind your heat exchanger. I.e. what is being computed from what, and how do those quantities relate to the connector variables.

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