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Modelica Forum _ Registration _ Registration Process

Posted by: wagner Mar 20 2007, 08:17 PM

Hello interested users,

like many forums in the internet also this forum is being missused by people who want to spread their spam. To avoid too much spam, only registered users may start topics and reply to topics. All others can only read.

ONLY manual registration (registration on manual request) is accepted now. Please contact with following information:
1. your intended username (mandatory)
2. short intention of your registration (optional)
3. your affiliation (optional)

We do not gather sensitive user information for any purpose. The optional information is only used to help me to approve the registration.

As a reaction on spam robots which use scripts to automatically register to forums, this forum makes use of further security tools. To register, you need a valid e-Mail-Address since you need to activate your forum account with a link provided by e-Mail.
Additionally your account needs to be approved by one of the administrators. This means there may be a delay between start and finish of your registration (usually one day). The administrators decide whether your account will be accepted or denied. The decission is based on your e-Mail-Address, login name and user name. Unfortunately this is the only way to avoid a totally spammed forum.

If you want to be sure that your account will be approved use a meaningfull login or user name (not "sjdhfgkshd", "needviagra", "bestloan" or something that might look like spam. I guess you know what I mean). Also the use of freemailers like,, etc. makes it difficult to distinguish between real users and spam robots. If you don't want to provide your business or private e-Mail-Address please use a meaningfull login or user name that convinces me that you're not a spammer.

If your account registration has been denied please contact


Administration Team

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